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    Helpdesk 0281-6531371


    General Instructions for Students Regarding Online Admission Process in Gujarat


    1.  This  year Directorate  of  Technical  Education,  Gujarat  State,  is

    conducting  online counseling for - Degree Engineering / Degree Pharmacy/  Diploma  Pharmacy  /  MBA  /MCA  /  Diploma  Engineering  courses  in  the state  of  Gujarat  in  collaboration  with  National  Informatics  Center  (NIC), New Delhi.

     2.  The counseling schedule will be declared  on the website.

     3.  Information  related  to   online  Admission  will  be  displayed  on  the  website.

    Candidates  are  advised  to visit  the  website  http://  gujacpc.nic.in   regularly to know the latest updates.

     4.  To  participate  in  online  counseling,  it  is  mandatory  for  every  candidate  to register himself/herself through the counseling website 

         http://gujacpc.nic.in as per the counseling schedule


    5.  Candidates  can  register  themselves  from  anywhere  through  internet  or from  nearby  help  Centers      setup  by  ACPC.  (List  of  Help  Centers  with their addresses and Phone No’s will be available  in the website).

     6.  Call centre: In case of any basic query ACPC has established a callCentre (079-26855444)

     7. Registration: For first time entry in the website, candidate has to provide the following details,

     (a) For Degree Engineering /Degree & Diploma Pharmacy:

                    GUJCET-2009 Seat Number

        GUJCET-2009 Application number 

        Name  of the candidate as per HSC mark sheet

        Date  of Birth

     (b) For Diploma Engineering:

    (i)  In case  of 10th (SSC) pass candidates (Passed in year 2007, 2008 and
    2009 at first attempt) 

                 Seat number

                 Year and month of passing

                 Name of the candidate as per the SSC mark sheet                    

                 Date of Birth

          (ii) In all  other case              

    Candidate  fails  to   register  online  on  his/her  own,  he/she  has  to contact  nearest  Help  Centre  with  all  original  documents  required  for online registration. 

     _ Candadates  are  advised  on  their  own  interest  to  keep  above  data confidential,  to  avoid  misuse  by  another  candidate,  for  which ACPC shall not be responsible.

    _ Candidate has to fill all the relevant details very carefully, there  is provision  of  edit  and  confirm  button,  candidate  can  edit  his

    registration  details  as  many  time  as  his/her  wish,  however  once confirm  the  details  filled  by  him/her  no  further  change  shall  be permitted.

    _ Candidate  has  to  contact  Central  Control  Room,  Ahmedabad  for any change required  in non editable field with relevant supportive documents.

     8. Registration Fee :  After  online registration, candidate has to  get print  out of  auto   generated  registration  form  and  the  bank  challan  (in  triplicate) after declaration  of Board result, to  deposit the non refundable registration fees at any of the Core Banking Solution ( CBS)  branch  of the bank listed on website. 

     9.  Registration  Acknowledgement:  Candidate  has  to   report  nearest  Help Centre  along  with  dully  signed  registration  form,  bank  challan  and  Xerox copy of required documents to get registration acknowledgement slip.  


    10. Login ID and Password: 

    (a) For BE /Degree/Diploma Pharmacy: 

          On registration, candidate’s  GUJCET SEAT number shall be used as User

    ID and Password will be as given by the candidate, which is to  be used for

    subsequent  logins.  After  successful  registration,  candidate  should  get

    confirmation  message.  In  case  a  candidate  does  not  get  the  confirmation

    message then please re-register yourself. 

    (b) For Diploma Engineering: 

             System  generated  login  ID  shall  be  used  as  User  ID  and  Password  will be  as  given  by  the  candidate,  which  is  to  be  used  for  subsequent  logins. After  successful  registration,  candidate  should  get  confirmation  message. In case a candidate does not get the confirmation message then please re-register yourself. 

          11.  Password  Security:  Candidates  are  advised  in  their  own  interest  to  remember  their  Password  and  keep  it  highly  confidential, to avoid  misuse by another candidate, for which ACPC shall not be responsible. Candidate can change his /her password.

      12. Forgot Password:  option will help to re-generate the forgotten password.

     .13.  After  successful  login,  candidate's  home  page  will  be  opened  with following  options.

    a) Registration Details 

    b) Edit Registration Details 

    c) Available Choices 

    d) Fill Choices 

    e) Edit/rearrange/reorder choices 

    f) Display Filled Choices.

    g) Change Password 

    h) Indicative Seat 

    i) Provisional Allotment Letter 

    14.  Choice Filling: You can fill/modify/delete choices  of institute using “Fill Choice”  option,  during  the  choice  filling  period  as  mentioned  in  the counseling  schedule.  Filled  choices  can  be  viewed  through  “Display Filled Choices”.

     15.  Seat  Matrix:  Latest  seat  matrix  will  be  available  on  the  website  during choice  filling  period.  Any  Addition/deletion/modification  in  the  Institute list will be updated  on the website  only. 

     16.  Choice  Saving:  During  the  choice  filling  process,  candidate  has  to   save his  cho ices  at  the  end  of  each  fill/modify  session,  through  the  “Save” option.  The  candidate  can  modify  the  saved  choices  any  number  of  time during  the  scheduled  choice  filling  period.  Candidate  should  ensure  to  save his filled/ modified choices before exiting the fill/modify session. 

    17.  Choice  Locking:  After  filling  of  cho ices  and  making  all  modifications candidate  should  finally  lock  the  filled  choices  through  “Lock”  option.  It should  be  done  only  when  the  candidate  is  confident  about  the  choices, he/she has filled. “Lock” will ensure that the choices can not be modified further. 

    18.  Once the choice filling period is  over, choice filled by the candidate (either Saved  or  Locked)  shall  be  considered  as  final  and  no   change  will  be permitted. 

    19.  Allotment:  After  the  choice  filling  period  is  over,  all  filled  choices  of  all registered  candidates  will  be  considered  for  allotment  of  seats  as  per merit (Rank), category  of the candidates and the availability  of seats.

    20.  Allotment of seats will be  online  only.

    21.  Allotment  Letter:  The  result  of  the  allotment  of  seats  will  be  published on  the  website  as  per  schedule.  The  allotment  is  purely  provisional  and subject  to   verification  of  original  documents  etc.  Candidate  should  print the allotment letter through the website. Allotment letter will not be sent by post. .

     22.  Deposit  Token  Tuition  Fees:  After  allotment  of  seat,  the  candidate  hast o  print  allotment  letter  and  auto  generated  tuition  fee  challan  and the candidate  should  deposit  the  Token  tuition  fee,  as  mentioned  in Provisional  Allotment  Letter”,  at  any  of  the  Core  Banking  Solution  (CBS)branch of  the  bank  listed  on  website  within  the  specified  period  as mentioned in the allotment letter  or counseling schedule.

     23.  Reporting:  After  depositing  the  Token  tuition  fee,  the  candidate  is required  to  report  at  the  HCs  within  the  specified  period  (as  per  the counseling  schedule)  along  with  the  original  and  two   attested photocopies  of  the  documents  testimonials/certificates/proof  of deposition  of fee in the designated bank.

     24.  If  candidate  does  not  report  within  the  reporting  period,  his/her  allotted seat  will  be  treated  as  a  cancelled  and  the  candidate  will  not  have  any claim  on the vacant seat whatsoever. Such vacant seats will be available for second counseling.

     Subsequent Rounds of Counseling 

    25.  Eligibility:  The  candidates  who   have  been  allotted  a  seat  or  not  allotted seat or could not reported to the Help Centre within specified time period      can  participate  in  the  second  phase of  counseling  against  the  available   vacant seats declared  on the counseling website.

     26. The candidates, who  would like to change their earlier allotted seats, will      also  be  permitted  to   participate  in  the  subsequent  round  of  counseling.     

    For this purpose: 

     a)  It  is  mandatory  to   give  a  declaration/consent  to   participate  in  the      subsequent round  of counseling.

      b)  In  case  ACPC  allots  a  new  institute  through  2nd  counseling  the  earlier  allotted seat will automatically become vacant.

     c)    As  and  when  candidate  will  be  allotted  new  seat  as  per  latest  choice  and merit  in  current  counseling  his  /  her  previous  seat  allotment  will  stand cancelled automatically and the so  vacated seat would be allotted to  other candidate 

     27.Candidate  may  fill  fresh  set  of  choices  or  he  may  continue  with  previous once for the subsequent round  of counseling.

     28.Updated  procedure  of  online  counseling  is  available  on  the  website. Candidates are advised to refer the website for latest information.

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